Shark Rocket Complete Filter Cleaning

If you’ve recently purchased the new Shark Rocket Complete Duo Cleaner then you’re definitely a satisfied customer but to keep your vacuum running at its best you’ll need some help with keeping the filters clean.  In this video, you will learn how to clean your filters so they will last a long time and do a great job at filtering all the dust.

The first step in cleaning your filters is to unplug your vacuum.  Open the pre-motor filter lid.  The vacuum filters are located inside there, so the next step is to remove the filters.  There is another filter located under the post motor and its removed the same way as the pre-motor filter.

The only cleaning necessary when you’ve removed both filters is to rinse and wash them in water.  They’ll need to air dry for at least 24 hours and that’s all there is to cleaning filters.  You will need to do this once a month to keep them clean.


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