Folding Stair Climbing Cart

Handcarts have been revolutionized when you see the new handcart the Upcart All Terrain Hand Cart.  The traditional has been upgraded and not that it was a bag invention it simply needed to be upgraded so it could be much easier to carry objects up or down stairs without the risk of an injury.

The Upcart is designed specifically for easy carrying of objects up stairs or down stairs so much more easier than your typical hand cart.  It has 3 wheels on each side of the cart which rotate as you go up each step making the ride upwards very easy and under control.
Having 6 wheels compared to just  2 wheels is a huge advantage because they rotate as each wheel hits the back of the step.  With a 2 wheel cart both wheel hits the back of the step and you’ll need all of your strength to pull the cart up.  With the 6 wheel design you don’t need to pull as hard because the wheels rotate up allowing you to easily roll the wheels over each step.

The Upcart is a super huge convenience in comparison with the 2 wheel cart.  All of the lugging is gone and you’re merely pulling the cart with a full load up the steps or down the steps with ease.

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