Hoffman Richter HR-15 Knife Review

In this video the guy expresses his opinion of the popular Hoffman Richter HR-15 Knife and he’s not as sold on it as everyone else.  One of the first things he notices about the knife which he likes, is how fast it springs open.  He points at the knife opens faster when using the back assisted opening and he’s never had it hang up on him.

The other way to open the knife through the knobs on the front of the knife takes a little more effort.  You really have to press down hard to get the knife to open.  He’s also amazed at how smooth the knife cuts which shows how sharp the blade is.

His issues with the knife is it can be difficult to open the knife because it locks easily when its folded.  You will need assistance from a key or some other object to release the knife from being stuck.  He feels like the sticking part of this knife prevents it from being an every day carry knife for him.


Author: clipsitnet

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