Product Review on the Yeti Koozie

The Yeti Coaster Koozie is a particularly hot item when it comes to stainless steel insulated containers.  People love their Yeti because it keeps their drinks cold for so long after they take it out of the refrigerator.  There are a lot of other brand insulated drink containers on the market but the Yeti is the one brand that everyone compares their brand to.

In the video the guys are showcasing the features of the Yeti, comparing it with other brands, and doing a temperature test.  There are lots of temperature tests performed on Youtube, too many to watch, peole really enjoy testing how long the Yeti can keep ice frozen before it turns into water.

The Yeti retails for $30 and for some people they aren’t sure if its worth it until they actualy decide to make a purchase.  When they see how it works and how long it keeps their drinks cold the money they spent on it seems irrelevant but there are cheaper brands that work just as good as the Yeti.

Watch the reveiw and learn how this container works and see if you’ll want to spend the extra money on it or an alternative brand.

Author: clipsitnet

I enjoy reviewing websites on the internet and helping visitors navigate those sites.

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