What DriveTime is Looking for in Applicants

In this video the CEO of DriveTime, Ray Fidel, talks about what the company is looking for in great job candidates to hire to help their company stay strong.  One of his talking points is how diversity is important when they interview people to hire.  He expands on the topic of diversity by first saying how important it is to have a diverse workforce but there are other diverse features that they look for in people to hire.

Some other areas that he considers diversity are in how diverse people think, diverse personalities, and other types of diverse charactistics that can work within his company.  According to him every type of diversity has the opportunity to grow and expand within Drivetime.

It’s a good video and he has a great point because when you’re in the business of selling cars to a diverse audience/customer base you need as many different thinkers helping to steer your company the right way to increase your customer base and meet their needs.


Author: clipsitnet

I enjoy reviewing websites on the internet and helping visitors navigate those sites.

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