Best EDC Flashlights

In this video the reviewer is giving his opinion of the top 10 tactical flashlights on the market.  He has those 10 flashlights handy and goes down the list from least expensive flashlights to the most expensive.  The smallest flashlight he has on display is a keychain flashlight from Streamlight called the Nano.  It is durable and made of aircraft grade aluminum.
The most expensive flashlight he displays is the Nitecore TM36 that has a “throw” or light beam that can be seen from half a mile.  It is a heavy and bulky flashlight that has specific uses depending on your needs.
Other flashlights he reviewed in the video are the Streamlight MicroStream LeD Pen EDC flashlight, Nitecore EA11 LED EDC flashlight, Olight S10R Baton Rechargeable LED EDC flashlight, Fenix UC35 Rechargeable 950 Lumens LED Tactical flashlight, etc.
Tactical flashlights are the most popular selling items on the internet and has been all year.  Consumers enjoy the super bright light they emil and the self defense features.

Another point to consider when using flashlights is the headlamp option.  With a headlamp your hands are freed up so you can do more in the dark.  It’s great for the outdoors or hiking at night.  A popular choice for customers is the T2000 Headlamp.

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