Tips on Living Without Credit Cards

In this video Lydia discusses here opinions of credit cards and the reasons why she doesn’t have one.  She immediately says she’s not against credit cards and anyone that decides to use them but there are consequences for those who don’t use them correctly.  If you can be responsible with them then she’s ok with you using them, but they’re not something that she wants to utilize.

She mentions that the average American is walking around with $15,000 credit card debt which convinces her that the majority of people don’t know how to use credit cards properly.  She also says the average credit card interest rate is over 14% which is a lot of money consumers are giving away to financial institutions.

She begins to list a lot of what if’s of not depending on credit cards to live her life such as having a debt free house, debt free tuition for her kids, etc.  She says she doesn’t worry about her credit score because as long as she’s trying to avoid credit cards her score really doesn’t matter.

She has replaced using credit cards with using her debit card.  Debit cards have the Visa logo that allows you to accomplish the same things that credit cards offer without the debt.

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