Rebuild Your Credit with Capital One Quicksilver

The Capital One QuickSilver credit card is a popular choice for anyone looking to rebuild or properly begin starting their credit history.  A good credit history and credit score allows consumers to get approved for car loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.  A good score also helps you to receive the best possible interest rate which in the long run saves your money over the life of a loan.

In this video Erica is recommending the QuickSilver card to her followers who fall into the category of poor credit or those desiring to improve their credit score.  One of her reasons for choosing this card is because it’s easy to get for most consumers.  She mentions that she’s read reviews online of consumers who applied for the card with a credit score in the 500’s.

If you’re starting out with credit cards or need to improve your score this credit card is a great recommendation.  If you score is above 600 your chances of getting approved greatly increases.

To further build on why the QuickSilver is a great card Erica mentions that before this card she had a secured card through her bank which only had a $300 limit.  She never received a credit limit increase during the year and a half she had the card.  She wanted to move on from her bank secured card to another credit card that would provide her a higher credit limit.

A higher credit limit improves your credit utilization which helps to improve your score.  She researched online different review sites and the QuickSilver card was highly recommended by these sites and their visitors.

She applied for the card and got approved and Capital One approved her for a credit limit of $2,000.  She was excited about the offer and promised herself she would be responsible and wouldn’t go over the 30% utilization so she could see her score increase.
She contiued her good habits of paying her monthly bill on time and paying her balance off in full every month.  The card also gave her 9 to 12 months of interest free on her purchases which is a major deal.

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