Do You Get Your Money’s Worth From Expensive Sunglasses?

In this video the outdoorsman is testing out some sunglasses of varying price ranges to see which ones are worth the money.  Sunglasses can be purchased from convenience stores or retail stores for as little as a few bucks or near $300.

He puts to test the Costa Jose Tortoise 580G sunglasses that cost $260 against a pair of Berkly sunglasses that he got for only $5. The immediate difference between the two pair of sunglasses is style.  The $260 pair looks better than the $5 pair.
Both pair offer polarized lenses with 100% UVA & UVB protection and they’re supposed to be great at seeing fish better when you go fishing.  The guy trys both glasses on and with the Berkley’s he notices that they aren’t as amber.
He fished for a few hours switching back and forth between each pair.  Here are some of the takeaways he discovered:
The expensive glasses everything is brighter.
As he looks down into the water he notices no difference between the two.
It’s up to you if you want to spend a fortune on name brand glasses or consider the cheaper lenses which are more affordable.

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