Air Hogs Helix Ion Review

Drones are popular items for not just kids but also adults.  People are interested in the various brands out on the market.  In this video the guy is reviewing the Air Hogs Helix Ion drone to give his viewing audience an up and close visual of how the product looks and works.

One of the first things you notice about the drone is it’s small and made of a foam material which is helpful because it will take a beating from the user.  Also all of the sensitive parts such as the rotors are protected from damage because of the foam frame.  It’s a good quad drone for a kid or adult in the beginning stages of owning a drone.

The Helix Ion is recommended for indoor use versus outdoors use because it is underpowerered and lightweight which causes it to catch wind outdoors.  You may not be able to get the Ion to hover in the air much and its not super agile but like mentioned earlier it’s a beginners drone.

One thing to understand is when the battery begins to run low the drone will become extra unstable so you’ll know when its time to recharge it.

Author: clipsitnet

I enjoy reviewing websites on the internet and helping visitors navigate those sites.

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